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4 Different Business Uses For Floor Scales

Floor scales are large scales that are placed on a flat surface and used to weight large items. The size of a floor scale can vary from a square foot to many square feet large. Many different types of businesses and industries can benefit from the use of a scale, such as the 48 Inch NTEP Floor Scale.

Retail Stores

Floor scales can be very valuable in a retail environment. If you have a large amount of inventory that you have to keep track of, instead of counting everything individually, you can use the scales to weight the inventory.

You can use the weight of the inventory to help you keep track of what you are selling and what you need to purchase for your business. If your retail store packages and distributes any particular item, a floor scale can be used to make sure that each box of products is standardized and prepared correctly, based on the weight.


Floor scales can help breweries make sure that their kegs are full. With a floor scale, you can set a specific value into the scale, and then you can weight different objects to make sure that they fit within that value. For example, if a full keg were to weight between eight to twenty pounds, you could easily set a keg on the scale to determine if it were full. The scale could also be used to measure a pallet or group of kegs to make sure that the right amount of products was packaged and ready to be distributed.

Industrial Businesses

Floor scales are useful for a variety of industrial applications, such as manufacturing plants, factories, and warehouses. Floor scales can be used to weight objects that are oversized, such as pallets and crates. The information from the floor scale can be used to keep track of inventory, or for weighing items before they need to be shipped. Even when shipping items through your own avenues, such as through your own delivery trucks, one still needs to be conscious of the weight of the items that they are loading up.


Floor scales are also useful in the farming industry.

There are special floor scales that can be used to weight animals. These animal weighting floor scales generate a number of readings in a short period of time and can average them together to give you the weight of an animal.

Regular floor scales can be used for weighting the amount of food harvested from the fields or to weigh out the amount of feed that is given to livestock each day.

Floor scales have many different uses in various industries. They are a great way to keeping track of inventory, can be used for quality control methods, and can be used to make sure that your shipments are not too heavy.